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Property Investors

Create Passive Income with Real Estate

Few investments have made as many wealthy as real estate. Investment in land and property seems to be the only true constant across the history of investing and wealth building but is truly passive income from real estate investing possible?

Passive income is technically an income you receive on a regular basis that involves little effort on your part. You get paid every month, quarter or year but do not participate in management or contribute work in the investment. Rental properties if bought right, produce cash flow every month. They keep producing cash flow as long as you own the property and you never have to sell the property. We can help you with every step.


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Eight Ways Real Estate is your Smartest Investment


You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with real estate investing while minimizing the typical risks and hassles. Integrity Property Service has developed a better way for you to maximize your cash flow through investing in rental properties.

When you partner with Integrity Property Service we will:

Identify and help you select solid, cash producing properties

Guide you through all phases of acquisition

Manage all aspects of the property after your purchase

Help you sell the property when you’re ready

Start bigger, sooner.

It’s perfectly fine to begin investing in smaller, low-end properties — but that’s not how you build an empire. As soon as you have the hang of investing, don’t hesitate when it comes to acquiring larger properties. Larger assets tend to appreciate faster and can be more beneficial to your portfolio as opposed to smaller, cheaper properties.

When considering if you should go big in real estate or return to the stock market, there are two more things to consider: 1)Properly investing in the stock market will cost you on average the same as investing in real estate, and 2) In real estate, even when the market crashes, you will still have a tangible asset to salvage. Of course, there are many other nuances when comparing the two, but to become a real estate mogul — you’ll have to stick to real estate.

Don’t wait for the right time.

Much like the stock market, in real estate we’re always skulking and waiting, ready to pounce on what we believe is the perfect time to jump into the market. I’m here to tell you — don’t keep waiting. You can spend the next few years waiting for the perfect time, but if you have the startup funds and are eyeing a particular set of properties at a good deal, it’s best not to wait.

Start out simple. Buy one or a few properties and go from there. The earlier you begin investing, the sooner your properties will begin to appreciate and, in turn, provide you with more capital to start your next venture.

From – Steven Kaufman. Finance Enthusiast. Entrepreneur Magazine.

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